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Monday, September 6, 2010

Warrior: First Impressions

I've been a warrior for 4 years now. But I've never really tanked extensively. Other than some slight arms tanking back in vanilla and some heroics in BC, i've never really much had a taste for tanking. But for some reason, with the onset of Wrath, I find tanking alot more fun. It is to my understanding, Blizzard strived to make the tanking experience more dynamic and fun.

My first impressions on warrior tanking: After running OS, Naxx, Ulduar, VoA, and every damn heroic in the game, I've discovered that warriors, as most of you probably already know, have a hard time with AoE tanking. Thunder Clap helps, as does the cleave glyph. When tanking with the cleave glyph against 4 or more mobs, it's important to make sure you switch between both sides of the pack so your cleave can hit everyone.

AoE tanking seems to be more of a priority system for warriors. Thunder Clap=>queue Cleave and keep it queued=>tab Cleave=>Revenge


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